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We were so pumped when we were awarded all of MINI's social channels.
To kick off the summer, we came up with two themes to celebrate these beautiful cars.

Minimal Mini

The blue sky. A grey urban backdrop. The reds and oranges of a sunset. Wherever your MINI takes you, it blends in to the world beautifully.

This series conveys our premium design aesthetic while appealing to the taste of the creative class. #MinimalMINI

Driven By Detail

An incredible level of craftsmanship goes into each and every MINI. Details are obsessed over. Design is re ned, and re ned again. From the lighting on the doors to the hand stitching on the wheel, every square inch of a MINI is a point of interest.

Let’s highlight the details of a MINI with a series of beautiful macro shots. #DrivenByDetail

Creative Direction

Mark Krajan



Tyler Coonts


Art Direction & Photography

Phillip Lee


Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners



Let’s build something great together