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How might we promote a culture of self-less giving and radical generosity?


We developed an app that gives users a fun, casual way to fund cool projects. Follow your
friends, check out their project, and donate to their cause. Projects can range from humanitarian
to personal. Fund art expeditions, buy photo prints, or give someone clean water.

Check out Kernl in the App Store HERE!

I helped develop the Kernl brand, from the logo to color palettes.

Post your own project, discover what your friends are passionate about, and fund projects that matter to you!

Fund What You Love

Users post short videos explaining the heart the project and where the money will be going. Fund your favorite projects with just a couple of clicks!

A desktop friendly version of Kernl.

Our main character is a little corn kernel, reminding us that great things always come from small beginnings.


Being a part of a small, nimble team helped us move quickly through multiple design iterations. It was so fun to see how Kernl evolved from a simple idea into a full fledged app. Here are some initial sketches, brainstorm notes, and early an version of Kernl.

Product Design & Art Direction

Phillip Lee


Kernl (In-House)

Let’s build something great together