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How might we empower women to run their business with confidence and efficiency?
How could we create a tool that fits into the busy lifestyle of Beautycounter consultants. 


This Santa Monica based direct sales company fights for cleaner and safer beauty products, while empowering women to build their own personal business. Beautycounter’s mission to get safer products in the hands of everyone is driven by the work of their personal consultants.

But the pen and paper way of doing business was slow and messy. How might we build a tool that fits into the busy lifestyle of Beautycounter’s consultants. Can we find ways to make their business more effective and efficient? Could we build a product that consultants can use on-the-go with confidence and pride?

A Streamlined Shopping Experience

Consultants know the Beautycounter catalogue like the back of their hand. We needed to design a shopping experience that gets out of their way and allows them to browse with ease. Quick Add lets consultants add items to their cart right from the list view. Category headers being at the top shows consultants exactly where they are in the catalogue, and a simple swipe the right or left helps them navigate quickly.

Easily navigate through the Beautycounter catalogue.
Quick add makes it easy for consultants to add their customer’s products in the bag for an easy checkout.

Intuitive Checkout

With applying product credits, offering promotions and adding social events, the Beautycounter checkout flow gave us some unique challenges. We designed a flow that lets consultants see their progress and view the decisions they’ve made. 

Growing the Movement

Joining the Beautycounter mission has never been easier or more straightforward. A simple linear flow takes a customer step by step through the process of becoming a new consultant. New consultants can even add their Starter Kits and additional items right in the flow.

The BeautyCounter App is now live in Apple’s App Store!

Product Design

Phillip Lee

UX Design

Heather Prime


Prolific Interactive

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